Luckily, the Game has Finished – Orense 0-0 Real Oviedo

David Rodriguez Glez, Oviedo. March 6th 2013

Image: lne

Image: lne

We once again saw the team that strikes fear into the Oviedo fans. This team is unable to win a game, lacks ideas, and is disjointed all over the field. Players look lost and unable to get the ball out to a teammate’s feet receiving a pass. Is it so hard to raise the ball from the ground when you take a corner or a free kick? It seems that for Blue players is a nearly impossible feat. I do not know if it’s the lack of Diego Cervero or Manu Busto, but what is clear is that this team is not going to get anything if they keep playing as badly as in these games. We cannot defend ourselves with the lack of players if what you see on the field is just ridiculous. Watching the game the only thing I wanted to do was sleep; and mourn. I wake from my slumber to see a rare Real Oviedo attack, a shot by Alvaro Cuello shoulder. Isn´t it amazing?

This team lacks desire and they must learn to play the ball on the grass; because if they start with the poor fitness of Xavi Moré and Aitor Sanz amongst the first team, then they will not do anything. I want to say again that Xavi is overweight, not the optimal weight for football, let alone to play from the start or the whole game. Best of all is that now the team is now positioned third in the league, standing behind Caudal of Mieres, our next opponent.

I think the eleven players who take the field must be looked at. There must be people on the bench or in the youth team who can play football. One could be Senye, another Héctor Simón. Because what Fran Sol has shown me so far is NOTHING. And Pepe Diaz was fine at first but after the second half went into hiding. I do not know if it is a lack of physicality but question must be asked.

In short, there is required a radical and urgent change. I have been warning this for several matches now, but it seems that the technicians do not agree. And I repeat one thing I mentioned previously. To not be promoted would be a flop. Obviously it’s my opinion, everyone can have his. Here you have a summary of the match. If you object I welcome your arguments on Twitter @Er_Divi. Thank you.



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