Ciao Bambino – Real Oviedo 2 – 2 Caudal Deportivo

David Rodriguez Glez, Oviedo. March 13th 2013


We thought we had seen the worst football of the season in the past. We were wrong, this weekend saw the worst display of the year. Without a doubt.

They  have not been able to win the match playing against ten opponents. But the worst is that the opponent was better, with eleven and when down to ten. The team did not feel at at any point. Diego Cervero was the only player who knew how to play football, don´t forget that football players earn money for that.

Moré Xavi was again the worst player on the pitch, yet again he played the full 90 minutes.

Javi Casares turned to get the ball from one side to another, but without giving a pass to a teammate. Better to give him a ball of his own.

Aitor Sanz again saw a yellow card, I’ve lost count of stupid cards that he has received this term.

Cerrajería had possibly his worst performance since joining the team.

I could go on for 20 pages but it would not help. What I mean is that the team needed a change. The team could not play football, chasing the ball, it was meaningless.

Diego Cervero, as usual, did his job with the goal, this time scoring twice. When he is on the field, the team scores goals, without him, it seems not.

In the second half, Manu Busto came to field and made a radical change to the game. Quality was noted from the Blue player, but not enough. The defense was of a pitiful level. Although as usual, Mantovani was the best. Despite this the fans that were amazing as always. 9050 spectators watching a team that gives them virtually nothing in return. But as always, encouraging and supporting their team until the end.

It was late in the game when the audience erupted and called for the resignation of the Real Oviedo coach. The dismissal was accepted by the board and soon after became official, Felix Sarriugarte is no longer in charge of the team.

The new coach was confirmed shortly afterwards, and will be José Carlos Granero. He has a nickname, Doctor Ascent, hopefully it happen. I welcome him to the team and I hope this is the beginning of a glorious era. The people who support the team deserve it, as a city. We need to get that promotion.

Thanks for all Felix, but we do not need you anymore.

Here you can read more about the new coach of Real Oviedo.

I hope that we are welcoming more and more new fans to the club. It is great to have more voices encouraging the team, and if you come from abroad and you want many offers to have fun here in Asturias check out this page (@eldescuentin). Good deals and discounts on many things that you can enjoy here in Asturias.

Here, as always, here are the highlights of the match.



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