More Heartache for Real Oviedo Fans – Leganés 1–0 Real Oviedo

David Rodriguez Glez, Oviedo. March 19th 2013

What do you think when you see these faces?


Photo by Nacho Felgueroso. (@nfelgue)

Yes, you are right, ridiculous. Again.

Everything is as usual at Real Oviedo. The new manager could not change the situation…yet. In fact many fans declared yesterday that the game against Leganés was the worst game of the season, and it already has merit because the team has played many pathetic games this season. The Blues were worse than the local team on the field, fighting much more and with more determination. The defensive organisation and interventions, from Orlando Quintana, with a mix of bad luck, and Dani Barrio saving the team kept them level, until a monumental mistake by the defence that left Carlos Martinez alone to score the goal that gave 3 points to his Leganés.

Granero, the new manager, introduced several changes in the team: Orlando Quintana debuted in goal and up to the 30th minute was outstanding, a blow to the head made ​​his debut ephemeral, Hector Simon sent Galder Cerrajería to the bench, Casares was the left wing sitting Iker Alegre and Pepe Diaz was the striker, not Cervero, but this last one was because Diego wasn’t yet ready to play 90 minutes.


Photo by Nacho Felgueroso. (@nfelgue)

After this defeat the 2nd place is 4 points away, but if we still playing as bad as now, we’ll have to keep an eye on teams that come behind of us.

Here, as usual, you can check the highlights of the match.

And here, are some more photos from the match. All of them were taken by Nacho Felgueroso, so I’d like to thank him and congratulate him for his brilliant work.  You can follow him on Twitter (@nfelgue). Thank you very much mate.


Photo by Nacho Felgueroso. (@nfelgue)


Photo by Nacho Felgueroso. (@nfelgue)



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