This Is What I Was Talking About – Real Oviedo 3–2 Zamora

David Rodriguez Glez, Oviedo. March 24th 2013

What the hell were you doing during the last  few games? Come on guys! You can do it, we can help you and we know that you can feel it. People who support the team deserved this and much more. The match started really disastrously, but the second half cured all ills that the team had. Maybe was the presence of Michu and Sid Lowe helped, but I think that the most important thing was that Granero, the new manager, knew what this team needed. His first match at home will be remembered as a great recovery by the team, because I’m so sure that this will be a turning point towards glory.

Do you remember what I told you about Xavi Moré? Over the last games he has been maybe the worst blue player. He played from the start of this match, but manager subbed him at half time, and the team changed totally. I think that it was the best decision for some time for this team. He’s cannot play now, he’s slow, fat and doesn’t know how to dribble players (actually).

The match started worse than usual, and Zamora scored the opening goal in the second minute, because of an enormous defensive mistake that left Sergio García alone in front of Orlando Quintana. After that goal, the team made the fans remember last games, in which Real Oviedo played really, really badly. And again, another defensive mistake, allowed Nacho Matador, to give the ball again to Sergio Garcia to add a second goal for the visitors. Disaster! That’s what we thought at that moment.

But half time arrived at the best possible moment for the team. Granero could make some changes to the squad,  Xavi Moré was moved to the bench. Pepe Díaz started to play. Seven minutes after the start of the second half, Sergio García had the clearest chance of the match, but he threw the ball to the stands. Thank god.

That was the real wake up call for the Blues. After that chance, Cervero received a ball, and with one touch, gave a pass to Manu Busto man to man against the goalkeeper, and Manu didn’t fail the chance.  1-2 on the scoreboard. Just 40 seconds later, same actors, similar result, Manu Busto shot on goal, the keeper rejected it, and Cervero scored the goal to turn around the match. After these two goals, the team changed absolutely and made everything to chase a third goal. We had to wait for the third, but finally, this people, these fans, could celebrate a deserved victory with the second goal for the personal account of Diego Cervero. This game finished with 30 intense minutes, and maybe the best 30 minutes for the blues this season.

The match drew to a conclusion and we could take the three points home. Good news knowing that Tenerife and Leganés drew their matches. So Real Oviedo remain third, two points behind Leganés and seven from Tenerife. The stadium hailed two of the most important people for the fans, they were, Michu and Sid Lowe.

People at the stadium were brilliant, and also I’d like to congratulate the new manager because the changes he made were what made the difference.

Now, we have 8 finals, and don’t forget that Tenerife, actual leader have to come to play to Oviedo, and we will be able to fight for three more points to try to be first when the season ends. But we have to go step by step, trying to do as best as we can, and trying to feel comfortable on the pitch.

Keep this up Real. We are huge fans, huge.





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