Proud of You – Real Oviedo 2-0 Atlético de Madrid ‘B’

David Rodriguez Glez, Oviedo. March 24th 2013

The team couldn’t conclude the great week that we enjoyed any better. Many Real Oviedo’s shareholders, more than 50 people, came to the visit, to enjoy the city, a friendly match and the Real Oviedo match against Atlético de Madrid ‘B’. They could see for themsleves how much the people here appreciated what they had done, because there were many banners with the slogan ‘Proud of you’.


Real Oviedo v Atlético de Madrid ‘B’

The team was infected by the feeling of all these people singing, traveling from so far, and wishing to drive their team to the victory. The players noted this and played the match they had to play, fighting and running hard with and without the ball.

From my point of view, maybe Atlético was much better at playing football, but despite this they didn’t create any clear chances.

Granero, the manager, left out Xavi Moré and Gálder Cerrajería. Xavi has been under performing in recent games, so that was the reason why he took that decision. I also have to say that Baquero should have conceded a clear penalty which the referee didn’t see and also admonished the visiting player with a yellow card that he didn’t deserve.

The team couldn’t play the football that they wanted because of the intelligent pressing of Atlético de Madrid. But Mr Josep Senye showed his high quality and scored an almost impossible goal in the 82nd minute.

Josep Senye celebrates scoring for Real Oviedo.

Josep Senye celebrates scoring for Real Oviedo.

Senye hadn’t play many minutes since he came here to Oviedo, but the fans love him because of his obvious quality. When awarded the opportunity he played perfectly, so maybe there are other reasons why he didn’t play minutes under the two previous managers.

Just two minutes later, sir Diego Cervero wanted to join in the fun at the blue party and of course, as always, scored. This time was the second and last goal of the match, after a great reaction.

The final whistle came, and the team could breathe after a difficult match. Great result, great support, great three points, PROUD OF YOU!

1 C.D. Tenerife 62
2 C.D.Leganes 56
4 Caudal 50
5 Real Madrid C 48
6 U.D. Salamanca 47
7 Fuenlabrada C.F. 47

This is now the classification of OUR team. And here you have the Highlights from our great victory.

And again I’d like to thank to Nacho Felgueroso because of his great pictures. Thank you Nacho.

Have a good week supporters and shareholders.



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