Liverpool – Make Us Laugh

Andrew Gillooley, Liverpool. March 31st 2014:

LFC Vancouver after Liverpool 4-0 Everton

LFC Vancouver after Liverpool 4-0 Everton

Us Liverpool fans aren’t the first to believe that with a handful of games remaining destiny dictates that we’ll win the title. We’re not the only ones to have believed that fate was on our side. We’re not the only ones to feel that we deserve the title more than anybody else. We are however the only ones to have this much fun during it all.

Football can make you feel brilliant, it can break your heart, it can convince you that you have a purpose. A normal season will see you experience every emotion as it drags you to hell and back. It can also be funny as fuck. Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool side love playing football, they are having the time of their lives, and they’re taking us along with them for the laugh. Making us dare to dream.

With six games to go, I’d expect to be feeling nervous before matches. The fear of being this close to something beautiful would I’d have thought be too much to handle. But no, I go into each match knowing that I am going to have a boss time. I know that Suarez is going to embarrass somebody, I know I’m going to be left spellbound by an outrageous display of brilliance from any one of a host of players in red, I know I’m going to end up laughing at the opposition…And I’m surrounded by a bunch of lads that have all bought into this and are loving every fucking second.

You’d think that living 4,500 miles away from Liverpool, in Vancouver would mean that I’d feel disconnected from results at Anfield, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m lucky enough to support a team whose previous exploits mean that they have fans all over the world. When Spurs came up as our most recent opponents, for want of a better word, I was joined by over 200 Reds, crammed into the Butcher and Bullock, singing, screaming, and most importantly laughing.

I noticed it at Anfield too when I was back at Christmas, back then the Man City and Chelsea defeats had left us slightly less optimistic about the chances of a title push, but the atmosphere was brighter, happier than the last time I was there while Roy Hodgson was still in charge. Gone was the gloom and the feeling that a trip to the match was something that had to be sat through, replaced by a feeling that it was boss to be a Liverpool fan again.

‘And now you’re gonna believe us’… and if you don’t, well ‘all the best’ it doesn’t matter to us anyway. We’re having the time of our lives. We’re watching the best team in the country. They’re class. They’re arrogant. They’re molded in the image of the city and the people that they represent. They know that they’re better than anything that comes before them. And they know that this whole situation is funny as fuck.

Football marketing constantly tells us that football and emotions are linked, that it can make you cry. What it usually forgets to mention is that those tears can be brought about by hysterical laughter. I’ll never forget walking through Vancouver City Center with a group of jubilant Liverpool fans singing ‘How was your day in work?’ after we’d spent the afternoon celebrating our mauling of Everton in the Derby. With each landslide victory there has been a story to accompany it, one that will no doubt having me laughing again if I ever manage to remember what actually happened.

I’d never expected us to make a title challenge this season. And I won’t pretend that it won’t hurt if we don’t now go on to lift the trophy, but whatever happens, years from now I’ll look back on this season with unique fondness. I have brilliant friendships with some boss lads forged off the back of this season, mainly because not only are Liverpool making us dream again…they’ve reminded us to have a laugh too.


LFC Vancouver meet to watch every Liverpool match LIVE at the Butcher and Bullock on West Pender. You can keep up to date with upcoming fixtures and special events by following them @LFCVancouver.


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