Andrew Gillooley – Ex-Pat Brit now living in Vancouver, Canada. Living the dream working as part of the marketing team on the FIFA video game franchise, and in love with the game of football. You can keep track of his personal football musings at @AndyGillooley

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Stuart Boyd – Co-Founder and born and bred Toffee man. Based in Liverpool, England with an aim to cast a more cynical and critical eye on the world of football, Quis custodiet ipsos etiam pila? Follow me on Twitter @Casablancawest

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John Gillooley – Ex-Pat Brit living in Krakow, Poland. Interested in the cultural and socio-historical aspects of the game @Gillooley

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Andrew McFee – Another Ex-Pat Brit, who also lives in Vancouver, Canada. Season ticket holder for a couple of teams – Somewhat football mad, opinionated, argumentative, knowledgeable – all the good things that make a football fan! Follow his thoughts on life, the universe, and the Premier League at @Damoven

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George Dugdale – The only Oxford United supporter in a family of Liverpool fans. Struggling to adapt to post-graduation life. Rarely seen at a ground above League Two level, but often found casting opinions on football across the internet. Frequent watcher of youth level football and budding explorer of European football stadia. Career peaked with Channel 4 at the Paralympics. Tweets too much @GeorgeDugdale

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Kenneth Jarvis – Everton fan from Warrington who works in Manchester. Self-confessed football addict who loves Spanish football and especially Real Madrid. My insomnia also gives me the opportunity to watch many Brazilian matches. Follow me on Twitter @Kenny364

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David Rodríguez Glez – Industrial engineer born in Oviedo, Spain. Football and Real Oviedo lover. I fell in love at my first sight of the ball. Follow me on Twitter @Er_Divi

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