About Gambetta

Gambetta Football is a site dedicated to looking at the beautiful game around the world. Our talented team of writers share a great passion for everything football and strive to bring life to stories from all corners of the globe. With contributors around the world we aim to look beyond the mundane tales that are out there, and instead give a fresh look at the global game. Check out our articles for diverse and opinionated views, and we welcome your feedback and discussion.

For those of you wondering about why the site is named Gambetta Football, the Gambetta is a dribbling technique made famous by Diego Maradona. It was described by Jorge Valdano as “another form of tango with the pleasures of applying those extra flourishes with those twists and turns”. This YouTube video featuring the legendary Argentina rightful heir, Lionel Messi helps to make things a bit clearer.

Video produced by @Gurviinder